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Merry Christmas!


Hey Everyone!

To those of us who have taken their steps to make Ipsen Castle their new home, and to everyone else who might stumble upon us, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas.  Here's wishing you and your families a safe holiday season.  Next year will be extremely busy for us, as we all take steps into the new Eorzea.

~Holy Dragoon

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Happy 25th Anniversary Final Fantasy


The four Warriors of Light set out for adventure 25 years ago...

Square-Enix (formerly Square) and Hironobu Sakaguchi published what was to be there final game, Final Fantasy,  25 years ago to this day, December 18th, 1987.  Little did we know then, that Square would change the world and define the entire RPG genre for the next 2 decades.

As we wait for the triumphant return of Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Reborn in 2013, I have nothing but the utmost of respect for Square-Enix.  They have worked hard, succeeded, and made a few mistakes, but ultimately they stayed true to the fans.  Thanks to the efforts of Yoshi-P and his current team, the future of Final Fantasy looks extremely bright.

Personally, I remember making my first game trade ever; The Legend of Zelda traded to obtain the original Final Fantasy.  I still own it to this day.  To many of us, Final Fantasy is more than just a game.  The stories and adventures that we as players have taken part in has shaped our some of the very things about us.  Whether we like to admit it or not, at some point or another we have been touched by the series, be it music, gameplay, graphics, characters, or stories. 

From all of us here at Ipsen Castle, here's to another amazing 25 years and beyond.

Happy 25th Anniversary Final Fantasy,

~Ipsen Castle

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The Gates of Ipsen Castle Open


I would proudly like to welcome all of you to Ipsen Castle.

...He walked a thousand leagues through the mist. Sometimes he was attacked by vicious monsters, but he made it, because his friend Colin was by his side. And then, after much time on the road, he had to ask Colin something...

Why did you come with me?

Only Because I wanted to go with you.

Ipsen Castle was born from my desire to help lead a group of friends with similar ideals.  Friends from all walks of life, gathering to enjoy Final Fantasy XIV.  Ipsen Castle itself is to represent the very members within it.  Where the weak can be as powerful as the mighty.  Where both can walk the line of greatness together, and that is exactly what we will do.

In this transition period between 1.0 and 2.0, Ipsen Castle will continue expanding.  We'll be adding site features in order to create a Mid-Core FFXIV Free Company you can all be proud of.  In order to get started on the experience, please register an account with us.  In order to join the ranks as an Ipsen Castle Citizen, please also submit an application.

I salute you all, who pass into the gates of Ipsen Castle.


Holy Dragoon

Dragoon of the 7th Umbral Era

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